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Let’s face it, every small business lives on a shoestring budget, if only for while. And during the life of your business, you will have to make that budget stretch pretty far. That means affording some software such as online CRM software that can make your business more efficient.

Sometimes, however, that software can seem a little pricey and you might start doubting if you need any software at all. So does it really help? Is it really necessary?

In short, yes. It is.

Why CRM Software is Necessary

Having a CRM is a given these days, no matter what your funds are. However, having CRM software is especially necessary for companies that need to get the most out of what they do.

Customer Relationship Management software helps you: 1. Acquire and store vital information and interactions with customers, and 2. Utilize this information to secure sales and retain loyal customers. These can be achieved without a CRM, but doing it as efficiently as a CRM does is near impossible without the software.

Having online CRM software makes your data harvest all the more accessible and actionable. That means all that data you collect can be put to use to give your sales and re-sales a huge boost.

But knowing that you need CRM software is only half the battle. You also need to know which online CRM software will work best for you and your business.

Finding the Best Online CRM Software for Your Company

As you start muddling over your options, you should be aware of what to look for. Some things to consider are:

  • How much will it cost?
  • Does it have all the feature you need now and will need in the future?
  • Will it scale as you grow?
  • (and most importantly) Is it simple enough to use?

There are many more factors, and each business has its own wants and needs, however the one thing that never changes is making sure the software is simple enough to use. If the software is too complicated, you’ll have a really hard time adopting and adapting to the software, turning your investment into a money pit.

This is also why having an online CRM software comes in handy. Always being connected to the internet makes it easier to store, synchronize, share, and access files and information from anywhere and any time. Added simplicity is always welcome, especially with CRM being so notorious for being complicated.

The other big thing to look at with a CRM (beyond features and scalability) is the price. Is there a per user cost? Extravagant setup fee? Unrealistic customer service and training costs?

All of these fees add up to a solution that just doesn’t make sense for a small or medium size business. So where does that leave them?

The Possibility of Free Online CRM Software

This is where free online CRM software can save the day. While some software can be used during a free trial period, those aren’t permanent solutions because they expire in a set amount of time. That means all your data is lost unless you have the funds to pay.

Other CRM software like the one provided by JobNimbus offer a free account that can be used to access nearly every feature without any expiration date or obligation to pay.

This type of offering is what every SMB needs available to them as they determine which software works best for their schedule because, let’s face it, who that’s running a business really has enough time on their hands to test out a bunch of different software in 30 days?

If you want to be able to make a fast decision on where to invest your precious funds, make sure you look for free online CRM software with no expiration dates, no contracts, and no exorbitant fees.

That way, you’ll be set up to invest in a product that will truly bring you the highest ROI.

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