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We’ve been hard at work on the JobNimbus CRM and project management software and we’re proud to announce the release of our biggest update yet: Version 1.8.

You’ve been asking and we’ve been listening, and this update adds some of the most requested features that are sure to help you boost productivity and get your hands dirty faster and easier than ever.

What’s Included in JobNimbus Version 1.8:

  • Ability to import contacts from other systems such as Outlook, etc.
  • Simplified the layouts of the Contact, Job and Task dialogs
  • Added the ability to sync your JobNimbus calendar with your other calendars (iPhone, Android, Google Calendar, Outlook, etc)
  • Added “Cost” field to track job and lead costs
  • Ability to quickly postpone tasks
  • Ability to create sub-tasks
  • Ability to filter and search job documents and photos
  • Multiple performance and user interface improvements
  • Ability to associate a profile photo with contacts and jobs
  • Calendar now supports drag-and-drop, resize, and click-to-create
  • Ability to add a description to tasks

Remember, we’re building JobNimbus for you. Our main goal is to help you stay productive as possible by providing you with the tools you need.

If you have any feature requests or find anything in the software that you would like us to work on, leave us a comment right here and we’ll get on it as soon as possible.


Previous versions of JobNimbus:

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