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You know that feeling when you get a flat tire in the middle of nowhere? That sudden dread followed by the flood of questions (Where was the last station? Where is the next station? Why didn’t I pack a spare?!).

You could sit there all day and moan, but you know you eventually have to do something about your sudden misfortune. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just pull a tiny mechanic out of your pocket, followed by a spare tire falling from heaven?

In business, we run into a lot of flat tires. Some are smaller, some are bigger, and some go flat all at the same time. With online project management, you will always have a team, help, backup, a map, and a destination to get you back on the road to success.

Online Project Management As Your Personal Pit Crew

One of the great modern miracles is the Internet. It has so penetrated our lives that being ‘online’ is now a common answer to the famous question, “what are you doing?”; joining the ranks of “tying my shoes” and “eating a sandwich”. But what makes the Internet so popular?

The Internet hasn’t necessarily brought us anything new. We always had gas stations and spare tires; sometimes we just didn’t have them right next to us when we needed them. The Internet brought information, connectivity, and productivity into a whole new light.

Now, our encyclopedia was always there, our team was always available, and our spare tires were always with us. And our little mechanic? He’s there too.

Taking this into online project management, managing a project is just so much easier when done online. Let’s take a look at some of the top benefits of online project management.

1. Collaboration and Sharing

A professional driver is nothing without his pit crew, just as a business owner is nothing without his team to collaborate and share with. In the “real” world, we have to make phone calls, make photocopies, write notes, schedule meetings, and do just about everything else under the sun to get everyone on the same page.

With online project management, collaboration and sharing is as easy as 1, 2, 3. With multiple user accounts, you can upload and share files, documents, photos, tasks, jobs, contracts, and whatever else you need while commenting and coordinating between other members, clients, and providers. Everything in one place makes it that much easier to find and share.

2. Synchronization

In order to reach full efficiency, every cog and piston in a motor must work like a clock: everything moving in perfect synchronization. Every minute you lose is a dollar missing at the end of the month, so creating perfect harmony within your team is essential to profitability and growth.

Synchronization is sometimes hard for us humans, but it’s something that machines excel at, especially in the cloud era brought on by the Internet. With the cloud, everything that you do on your online project management software gets sent up into the cloud and back down to your team immediately. That way everyone is looking at the same page, every time.

3. Mobility

Another benefit of online project management software is its accessibility. There are plenty of project management software systems you can get for your business, but if it isn’t an online solution you’ll have to live without all of the valuable information and features that anywhere access provides.

Imagine you’re out at the job site; you’ll be completely disconnected from whatever issues are going on back at headquarters. Thanks to the ability to work online, however, you can have instant notification of any new advancements or holdups on another job while at the same time being able to comment and provide feedback to the team members involved.

All of this right from the palm of your hand? Now that’s a miracle.

4. Usability

Anyone who’s tried to implement project management or CRM systems know that the number 1 issue is getting their staff to use the darn thing. How can you get anywhere or expect to have any increase in productivity or profit if your team can’t use the software?

A great online project management software will make everything easy for everyone. With automatic synchronization, easy collaboration, mobile access, and a simplistic interface, every employee will be able to use the system from day one.

Leveraging the Benefits of Online Project Management for Your Business

It’s time to get up and change that flat tire that’s been holding your business back from profitability and efficiency. It’s time to pull out that little mechanic that can make your team into a pit crew of perfect synchronization.

Here at JobNimbus, we are working very hard to make sure we are providing the best, most reliable tools that we know how to build so that you can increase your profit margins and start seeing results immediately.

Go ahead. Take the plunge, put some power into your fuel tank, and watch how online project management can take your business road trip to the next level.

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