How A Roofing CRM Can Save Your Life Car crushed by i beam image

The other day a friend called me up and told me how he narrowly escaped with his life thanks to a roofing CRM.

He had been out to a job to look at a leaky roof. He had made the inspection, presented the estimate and was just heading back to the car when he received a new assignment on his smartphone via his company’s roofing CRM. The assignment was for the neighbor next door.

Just as he was heading over, an I-beam crashed down on right on top of his car! It was right then and there, he knew, that if it weren’t for his company’s CRM and his mobile phone, he’d be a goner.

Now (here comes the confession) this never actually happened. But if it did, you’d probably be glad you had a roofing CRM then, too! And, while a roofing CRM might not save your life in such a literal way, it can be a lifesaver in other ways.

A Roofing CRM and Project Management Software Can Save Your Business

CRM and project management software for roofers is like a guardian angel for the rest of us. It can get you out of those tight binds, it can keep you up to date, it can get you organized and off the ground in minutes and can save you time and money.

In the end, a company is made or broken by money. Sales is money, time is money, materials and employees are money; everything is money and everything can affect the flow of your business’s income.

If you can streamline your workflow, get organized, save time, cut costs, and manage better and faster than ever before, your company can only grow, feeding off a constant stream of new and returning customers. All of this can be done with the right roofing CRM and project management software.

No Roofer Should Be Without A Roofing CRM Solution

In this day and age, there’s just no way out of it: you need a CRM for contractor work. So many small business are crippling under the pressure of a weak economy and just fighting all the day to day battles is losing them the war. However, all of this could be avoided with a properly implemented roofing CRM software.

Software like this can help you automate all the busy work tasks that take you away from the real jobs that make money. It can help you manage several employees and new jobs at once without even breaking a sweat. It can help you follow up on previous clients to assure devoted return customers.

Indeed, while having a Roofing CRM and project management software might not save you from getting crushed by a wooly mammoth, it is guaranteed to save your company money. And saving your company money, might just save the shirt on your back one day.

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