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Have you ever been driving to a work-site and realized that you forgot to bring that one really important document with you? Or have you built an entire life’s worth of data, work history, and files on your computer only to have it blow up with no chance of recovery? That’s where the ‘Cloud’ comes in.

There’s that word again: ‘cloud’. Is there something wrong with the weather in the future? Is that what they call the smoke that comes out of all those new-fangled machines of the 21st century? Is it complicated?

The cloud is one of those modern marvels that is set up to make your life easier. But, what is this strange meteorologic anomaly they call ‘the cloud’? Let’s find out.

The Cloud: A Modern Marvel

The cloud is simply internet-based storage where files can be accessed from anywhere at any time. Just like your computer at home has a hard drive that stores all your files, internet-based companies have servers, which store data from all their users and can be accessed by the from wherever they are.

The tricky thing about the cloud is that it isn’t just a cloud, or one cloud; it’s a lot of different services, but is called the cloud to refer to the way they all save information on their local servers and can be accessed from anywhere. Just like how rain is stored in a cloud; we don’t see it, but it’s there and can come out at any time. Each service has their own cloud server that can save and dish out your data.

These services have been around for a long time, but there is a cloud boom in recent years caused because of an increase in people connected to the internet as well as internet speeds. More people are connected than ever before and internet speeds are faster than ever, making cloud solutions more appealing.

How Can the Cloud Come in Handy?

If you’re still wondering how the cloud can be of use to you, consider this: Chances are very good that you’ve already used the cloud in some way before, without even knowing it.

Some of the most common services and tools that store your information online are:

  • Email (messages, contacts)
  • Facebook (pictures, videos, social connections)
  • Dropbox (files, media)

Chances are even better that you’ve found those tools quite useful for getting things done. The cloud can be your personal hard drive in the sky. And just like you can always see the sky, you can always access these files, folders, contacts, documents, emails, or whatever you want!

More specifically, companies are using cloud services in project management software in order to make managing a small or large business even easier.

Synchronization and Mobility are Key

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One of the greatest things about the cloud is that you can perform magic tricks, do one thing here, and it appears over there. This means you can add a contact on your computer and the next time you log on with your phone, the contact will be right there waiting for you.

Or you could edit add a document or image with your smartphone and attach it to a job, so the next time you are using your iPad or tablet you can show that image or document off without worrying about manually synchronizing or remembering what you changed where.

Every change you make gets pushed into the cloud and then pushed right back out across all your devices. That means you never have to worry about keeping up with all your files or making sure everyone in the organization is on the same page. Isn’t that amazing?!

How Do We Know So Much About the Cloud?

JobNimbus is also a cloud service. We knew when we created it that it needed to be an online service that stored our clients information, making it secure and accessible.

Contractors and service industry folks are always on the move; their information should move just as much as them and should always be available wherever they are. That’s why the jobs, tasks, comments, documents, contacts, estimates, and more are accessible from any computer or internet-connected mobile device.

Using the cloud, you can be more mobile than ever, having everything you need where and when you are.

And that’s it for “What is the Cloud?”. Still confused? Leave us a comment or send us me an email with your question and I’ll do my best to explain better. If you have a different question for us, go ahead and send it in right here and we’ll feature it on the JobNimbus blog.

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