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The best things in life are free, right? At least that’s what they say. But, more often then not, what comes without a price tag these days means no one wants it or no one cares.

Those “cute” and noisy party favors might be “clever” or “fun” while you’re at the New Years Eve celebration, but we all know where they’re going when the sun comes up. So, when we’re talking about something as important as your business, your source of income, can free really be the answer? Would free project management software really be worth it?

Well, with JobNimbus, yes. Yes it can.

Free Project Management Software Can Be Your Best Option

Let’s look first at what you should be looking for in a piece of Project Management Software. These systems are created to try to get all the little things out of your way so that you can focus on your real goal: making sales and providing the service. All those little things in between can be automated or streamlined. For instance, common project management software can automate tasks such as:

  • Managing contacts
  • Assigning and managing tasks
  • Storing and sharing valuable documents with clients and/or insurance claims offices
  • Tracking equipment
  • Billing and invoicing
  • Budgeting
  • Training
  • Reporting
  • and more

Usually, a small company will have to take care of all of these little tasks each time they go through the sales process. They’ll also have to fax, photocopy, attach, staple, file, refile, send, and call call call to get it all done.

These are important and sometimes delicate tasks, so should they really be left in the hands of a free software solution? That all depends on what software you’re looking at.

Where can I find a free project management software solution?

There are several options for project management software out there. Most offer free trials ranging from 5 to 30 days. Others provide numerous package options for lowering the monthly rate, but you are locked into a longer period with difficult recourse if you want to cancel. These PM software solutions are usually for enterprises, larger businesses, or built for computer-savvy audiences. However, the average contractor and service industry outfit isn’t filled with the computer-savvy type.

On the other hand, there are some free project management software options out there, but nearly all of them are incapable of performing deeper, more convenient tasks. In other words, they are dedicated to simple tasks on a person-by-person level; not really what a small business is looking for.

That’s why we at JobNimbus have created a free project management software option for contractors and the services industry. We’ve asked around, figured out what you most use or need but don’t have, and we’ve created a system that is so easy, anyone can use it right from the first day. We’ve made sure that the system is accessible online from a computer or an internet-connected mobile device so you can access your data right from the cloud without having to hunt for it.

JobNimbus can be used in its entirety for free. That’s right, you can have all the features we offer for free. If you need more space or more users, we charge a small monthly fee to cover the costs of hosting those services.

Still haven’t tried JobNimbus yet? You can sign up for our free project management software and see why even free software can be the best option for your small business.

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