JobNimbus CRM and project management software version 1.4

We’ve been hard at work trying to fit in all of your suggestions and adding great new features to make JobNimbus even better than before. Today, we are proud to present to you Version 1.4 of the JobNimbus CRM and project management software. This new version brings with it some fantastic new features, as requested by you, as well as some of our own additions. The following is a list of the new features and fixes.

What’s New in Version 1.4:

  • Custom Report Builder added. Users can now easily create reports based on projects, jobs, contacts, and tasks. You can add, edit, and drag-and-drop columns or groups of columns, define filters, and set column aggregates. You can export reports to Excel, Word, or CSV files.
  • Track Estimated and Actual Value of each job. We’ve added the ability to track estimated and actual values of each job or project within our tool. Plus, with the Custom Report Builder, you are now able to create reports to track job cost data.
  • Administrators can now delete jobs.
  • Multi-column sorting added. Before, it was possible to click on a column header to sort a table based on that column. Now you can sort by several columns at a time!
  • Dozens of other enhancements and bug fixes.

If you haven’t had a chance to try JobNimbus, we now offer a free account! Free is never hard to swallow, and now is never a bad time! Try JobNimbus for free and see exactly how our system can change the way you do business forever.

Remember to keep sending your suggestions for new features you would like to see in future updates and don’t forget to report any bugs you see around our system so we can squash ’em! Enjoy!

-The JobNimbus Team

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