2 Words Will Help You Win More Leads

You have a great personality, you’re outgoing, you’re smart, you’re funny, you’re serious when you need to be. You have a great product; one that everyone wants or needs. You have a great pitch and even a great conclusion.

You’re so good, you leave all you present to in awe.

So what’s wrong? Why didn’t they call you back?

A sale isn’t complete without: Commitment and Verification

Even having the best product doesn’t guarantee you high sales. Heck, it sometimes doesn’t even guarantee you success or a sustainable business.

Your leads might be intrigued, but they’re also living their own lives, jobs, etc. and sometimes don’t remember. They also have priorities other than yours that will make it difficult for them to see the urgency in their investment.

That’s where you’ll need to modify the conclusion of every interaction you have with a customer or potential customer with extending them some form of commitment.


The commitment is an important part of the conclusion. It includes repetition and highlights what step(s) you want your lead to take now. It solidifies in their mind what they need to do and helps them to remember the pitch by bringing things full circle.

A good commitment is clear, short, and simple. It can be as simple as: “are you ready to sign up?” or, “will you read our brochure?”

Don’t give them an open-ended question. Keep it simple: yes or no. Keep it easy so the answer is always, “yes.” Then, commit them to a time when they’ll have it completed.


Of course, there are always “golden leads” who practically sell to themselves. A simple commitment will push them over the edge and your work will be all but finished. These leads exist, but they certainly aren’t a-dime-a-dozen.

For the every day lead, a commitment is only as good as the verification that follows it. If you don’t verify a commitment, you’ll end up with a couple of problems:

First, you’ll have wasted valuable time and effort in the first pitch. Second, you’ll teach your lead that commitments don’t actually need to be followed through on.

Always verify your commitments. Do it in the first phone call or the very next time you communicate with the lead. If you committed them to a time frame, verify when the time is up. Use JobNimbus to set tasks to remind you of those timed commitments and follow up. Keep the pressure on.

A good verification could be as simple as, “did you read the brochure we talked about?” If they say yes, ask if they had any questions or other thoughts, then move the conversation along.

If you give out a couple commitments, then verify correctly, and you still aren’t getting movement from the lead, it’s probably time to leave them behind.

Rinse and Repeat

This whole process is a rinse and repeat deal. Commitments and verifications keep the pressure on and the topic in mind. They keep things moving, bring out questions and doubts, or they clean out the leads that are just a waste of time.

If you’re having a hard time winning over your leads, take another look at how you’re committing and verifying with your leads. Make some adjustments and give it another try.

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