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From roofing chaos to 5-star reviews

From roofing chaos to 5-star reviews

JobNimbus has you covered as the best-in-class CRM for contractors, and is trusted by over 6,000 roofing business heroes—just like you.

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Join thousands of smart business owners using JobNimbus to easily save time and money while boosting profitability and peace of mind. You’ll be in great company!

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Your new, supercharged workflow

Organize Leads

Every contact is an opportunity in the making. Keep them all sorted and accessible at a glance no matter where you’re at.

Optimize Sales

At every point in the funnel, get the right message to the right prospect at the right time. JobNimbus makes it incredibly easy.

Manage Projects

Keep all your job information organized in one easily accessible space. Boards give you a bird’s-eye view so you can increase efficiency.

Streamline Billing

Stop chasing invoices and get paid with JobNimbus Payments, with built-in financing options. Automate billing to get paid faster!

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JobNimbus was built for contractors just like you to take your business to the next level by easily organizing, tracking, and automating your work. By streamlining workflows within JobNimbus, you’ll save time, money, and sanity and be able to see the big picture of your business at a glance.
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What sets JobNimbus apart?


Use it out-of-the-box or dial it to exactly match your process. No contractor tool is more customizable, helping you reduce training time. 

Go Mobile

Whether you’re using our highly reviewed iOS & Android apps or our web app—at the office or in the field—you’ve got what you need.

Stay Connected

Text, call, email—it all works right from the app so you can keep in touch with the customers who need it most.

Trusted by thousands of contractors—just like you.

“The excitement of my guys in the field has been a great benefit. They love being out in the field and being able to generate estimates right then and able to sign them right on the spot and get them submitted right there on the mobile app. The automations are amazing, the ability to get to more jobs and communicate with more people and more consistently has stopped things from falling through the cracks.”
Precision Roof Crafters logoHish Rahman
Precision Roof Crafters
“I have been so intimidated learning a new program because I've been using the same old, not cloud-based program for over 25 years. JobNimbus has helped us through every step of the way...the enthusiasm and the love that these people have for this business and for their clients is overwhelming. I feel like I'm not just flying solo. It's going to make a huge impact on our business."
Doyle Roof Masters logoTeresa Doyle
Doyle Roof Masters
“I've been using JobNimbus for 5 years now. I used a different CRM before this and it forced you to use it their way. JobNimbus has really allowed me to customize how I run my business into a CRM and then run every contact, job, work order, material order, and everything as a process to how we set it up as a company. Its been extremely powerful, useful, saved me lots of time, and let me get a good pulse on my business."
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RCV Roofing

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