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When it rains, it pours… literally. There are all sorts of weather events that can be the direct or indirect cause of damage to a home. Couple weather with the effects of aging homes and the effects that people have on their homes, and you have a recipe for a busy schedule.

If you don’t manage that schedule, you may not be able to manage your profitability as well as you would like. That’s where a water restoration CRM and project management software system comes to the rescue.

Tracking your jobs is essential for a smooth-running business, and a smooth-running business means more profitability and time for business owners. Using CRM + project management software for water restoration, you can set up new customers, track jobs, store documents, assign schedules, and manage the work all from one single place.

Using a Water Restoration CRM and Project Management Software

At JobNimbus, we have worked with industry experts in water mitigation to build a simple Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform to support the needs of contractors all over the world. The key is the ability to manage your in-house processes, field work, and customer relationships from anywhere.

For an industry that thrives on equipment allocation and scheduling, organization of your work can gain you hours a week. Hours a week can equate to more jobs completed, or more time to yourself. We have built a system around the idea of doing just that.

Traditionally, a whiteboard and a file folder has been good enough to manage a list of clients. Sure, it can be done. But the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” mentality is flawed for a business owner that wants to build a repeatable, scalable model. The only way to get ahead under that model is to bring on more expense; more internal people to manage the processes and more external people to do the work.

JobNimbus Takes the Busy Work Out of Water Restoration

JobNimbus can provide you with a robust, simple-to-use solution that will allow you to organize your existing resources and get more done in a day. You can know, anywhere, anytime, exactly what your schedule is. You can see if you have an opening to deal with a grey water emergency in a certain part of town because you already have a technician in that area. You can be sure that no drying equipment is left on a job for an extra day or two. You can follow up on that year old carpet cleaning job to see if they want to schedule an annual floor cleaning job.

You may have seen systems in the past that are packed with features and functions that left your head spinning. At JobNimbus, with the help of people just like you, we have completely rebuilt the concept of convenience in a water restoration CRM and project management software. You, the contractor, are in control; you get to decide how the system works for you.

JobNimbus will provide your business with:

  • Increased productivity
  • Improved organization
  • One click control
  • Full mobility

With JobNimbus, you can build large jobs that involve bids from the ground up. In addition, you can add jobs, assign tasks to specific employees, send requests to sub-contractors, add comments to jobs or clients, store job specific paperwork in electronic format, manage equipment, and maintain closely organized communications with everyone involved, all from one platform.

The great part is that you can do it from the office, the coffee shop, or from the beach in Maui because JobNimbus is mobile-ready.

Take the Next Step in the Evolution of Your Company

CRM software is the next step in the evolution of your company. It’s an upgrade from a shop-vac to a truck mounted unit. The efficiency and quality of your work will increase. Moving forward and integrating JobNimbus technology, with a full-featured water mitigation CRM and project management software, will get you where you want to go.

Too often, CRM systems are built by programmers that think they understand how they should look and feel. Often a person has to wade through pages and pages of steps, only to get frustrated.

If you have ever looked at software, only to say, “but all I want it to do is this little thing,” JobNimbus is built for you. Simplicity and usability is our #1 goal. Training and adaptation is quick and easy because you are in the driver’s seat.

JobNimbus is available free to sign up and use; no contracts, no setup fees, just simple. Go ahead, sign up for your risk-free 14-day trial, set up a couple jobs, and see what you think. Let us know how you like it and what we can do to make it better for you and your business.







And much more…

All the tools you need to save time, save money, and grow your business with software no roofing contractor should be without.


Automate your workflow, set triggers to create tasks and send notifications, let nothing slip through the cracks.


Use the process you’ve already perfected. Customize types, statuses, and more.


No internet? No problem. The mobile app saves your data and work, and syncs it later.

All Your Devices

No matter if you’re in the office or out in the field, your roofing software goes where your do.


Send emails with attachments directly from JobNimbus. Replies appear automatically.


Jot down notes from a call, save an email, or summarize the work you did that day.

Time Tracking

Add time estimates to tasks and track your time worked. Create time log reports.


Get instant notifications on new assignments and tasks that are due today.

Job Sharing

Keep customers and insurance adjusters in-the-know, share details with sub-contractors.


Build a budget and keep track of your job expenses. Set limits and track commissions.

Template Builder

Build your own contracts and proposals, JobNimbus will auto-fill contact & job details.


Get your contracts and agreements signed. Gather signatures with the mobile app.

One price. No surprises.

Want to see it in action?

See just how well JobNimbus can work for your sales team, production, managers, and office.