@Mentions - One Little Symbol Changes Everything

Communicate better with @mentions, available now for web, iOS, Android

Now you can call out one or more team members when adding a note. When you save the note, they’ll get a notification sent to their email¬†that they’ve been mentioned.

The email includes the full note that you added into JobNimbus as well as the record (job, contact, task, estimate, etc) it was attached to and a link to get to that record.

Use this to instantly:

  • Notify other team members of work or changes to a job
  • Send instructions to new assignees or relate what you’ve done
  • Share new updates to a contact’s info

You can do this and a whole lot more. With this, small @ symbol, the possibilities are endless.

Best of all, you can use @Mentions starting NOW from both the web app and on the JobNimbus mobile app for iPhone, iPad, and Android.

How To Use @Mentions

To get started with @Mentions:

1. Find a contact, job, or other record to add a note and open the Add Note dialog.
2. Type the @ symbol.
3. You’ll see suggestions appear to choose from. You can continue typing to narrow the list, or choose a team member to add.
4. To mention another team member, just type another @ symbol in the same note and choose that team member.
5. Save the note.
6. This team member(s) will receive the notification instantly.

Ready to give it a try?

Try @Mentions Now

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